Friday, June 25, 2010

A Trail of Links Like Digital Breadcrumbs

Seeking inspiration this morning, I, spent some time clicking random links. 

Sometimes I hit a lot of "my lovely sappy baby and husband" type blogs, filled with diaper tales and all those things that are so interesting when you're a first-time mom, and sooo boring when your kids are grown and you've been there, done that, thrown out the holey t-shirt.

Today though, I have three good ones in series. I will have to spend a lot more time exploring all the beady goodness I found in this trail of Digital Breadcrumbs.

First was Networked Blogs, where I think I'm going to find out how to get my blog listed. Yes I am!  

That came up as I tried to get to Foxan's Blog, which had an interesting description.  Wow that picture of the yellow necklace was really amazing!  And since it was a winner in a contest called Fashion Colorworks, I followed the link that promised a view of all the entrants. Holy cow, Batman!

I'm going to be gathering inspiration hither and yon, friends.  I'm also going to have to find out more about that contest. I'm not a big competition-enterer, but that is tempting.  I wish the entry pictures had bigger zooms!

Oh, yeah. And since I've also gathered some comments about my bead organization posts, there will be additional pictures and workspace commentary soon. 

Enjoy the links!

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