Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day Without Beading Is....

Crap, pretty much. 

I have the same urge to bead that I used to, when young, to sit and read. I used to go through about a book a day. Back before the internet, timesucker extraordinaire.  Now it's remarkable if I read two books a week.

But really, all day, as I work, and do household tasks, is that underlying thought...

"I want to go bead."

I think I have to stop considering beading something I do to reward myself for completing undesirable tasks, and start thinking of it as part of the daily routine. Otherwise it gets pushed and pushed and pushed, along with other pleasures.

Like reading. Or sleeping. 

Less email. Less Facebook. Fewer games of Solitaire. 

More beading. That's the goal!

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