Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Next Blog

Blogging is an interesting pastime. You see lots of other blogs out there and wonder how they manage to produce new, interesting content all the time.

Or you see blogs that look like they were vital living things at one time but haven't had a live post for several years, but are still out there. It's a sad thing, an abandoned blog. It makes you wonder what has happened in the life of the blogger since the Last Post.

In the Google blogs, like Blogger, there's a link up top that says "Next Blog>". I don't know if everyone can see it, or just those who have Blogger accounts. 

Sometimes I click that link. I get the idea that you're supposed to be sent to similar blogs to the one you're on. So if I start on a beading blog like this one, I expect to get sent to beading, craft or art blogs. More often than not, I get sent to someone's "my kids, my wonderful sweetie-oookie husband, and me" blather-blog. There must be millions of those out there. 

Sometimes I get to an interesting blog worth reading. Other (many) times it's a dead invite-only blog or oddly, one that "can't be found." You'd think Google could get their programming a little tighter and not send a random blog-jumper to non-existent blogs.

I'm thinking to tweak my own blog descriptions, so that people may find me from art blogs more easily. I sure don't want to be classified as a blather-blogger!

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