Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So What Do You Say to Queen Elizabeth When She Shows Up In Your Dream?

Hi? How ya' doin', Yer Maj? Yo, dawg!?

What a weird dream. I get the part about my sister being in the hospital giving birth. She's certainly at a stage in her life where a new start would be wonderful. That's often what the symbolism of a baby represents in a dream. 

For many years, I've been able to have a 'conversation' with my subconscious through dreams. When I'm troubled or concerned with something, I'll dream repeatedly about it, until I am able to understand what the message is. Then I can say (out loud, or not) "Okay, I get it." and I'll stop having the dream(s).

Sometimes the symbols are plain. Wandering through a house looking for something. Being nibbled to death by ducks. Like that. 

Sometimes, though, they're so darn obscure they baffle me. Queen Elizabeth II? Really?  She came complete with hat and handbag, and kindly smile. And she put up with shenanigans I know Her Real Majesty would not. Holy cow, she let me hug her!

So I guess my subconscious will have to try again. I can hardly wait. 

Oh, subconsicous? Could we have something with Tom Selleck in, please? If we're going to have famous people, I mean. 

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