Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playing with the Blog

A few tweaks in the design, just for because. I may even audition a new template soon! 

I've been bouncing around using Next Blog> again, and I've come to the conclusion that almost all the blogs out there are one of three things:

- family oriented "my kid learned how to snivel today" blogs. Heavy on the "my spouse is so wonderful" and "my kids are so wonderful." When they haven't posted anything in 18 months (most of them) I have to wonder how "wonderful" they really are. Oh, and God plays a prominent role in most of these kinds of blogs. God gets around. 

- "this is what I like to listen to" music sites. There are a lot of people out there giving their time and energy to music, good, bad or indifferent. Heavy on pictures of favorite bands.  Most of it looks like something that would make me want to wash my ears out with bleach after listening. Done the groupie thing, got the hearing loss, thanks but no thanks.

- random crazies. They are out there. Much less plentiful than the two above, and liberally salted in with the knitting blogs, the painting blogs, the, ahem, beading blogs, the lonely college student blogs, and the occasional issue or point-of-view blogs who actually have something to say.  Random crazies can be new-age fluffy psychics and auras gurus, they're-out-to-get-us paranoids, or anything in between. Some are entertaining. Some are scary. 

The good news is that the general level of grammar and spelling is high. Of course I never stay much beyond the first typo. Oh, and I always travel with my speakers turned off. No point in risking any of that awful music. (How do I know it's awful, you ask?  Because Sturgeon's Law states 90% of everything is crud. And it is correct.)

Not this blog, of course. Perhaps I should have named it "THE OTHER 10%." That would be a good name for a blog. Or a band. 


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