Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Exciting Part

Like in the books I read, there's always another exciting part coming up with a project.

I get a big rush when I've auditioned and assembled the palette of beads I'm going to use. That's the first moment that the idea becomes real to me.  The design, to the extent that I sketch or lay out the loose beads, isn't all that stimulating, because so far, I haven't really put that much energy into it.

Design, for me, happens with the beads in my hands. When I decide that next to the green, I need opalescent ones going this way...or pink ones going that way.  When I decide that the cabochon will look best with a peyote bezel, or a netted one, made out of these nifty, but teeny, size 15 seed beads.

This may be inexperience on my part. It may be an inability to make the connection between the idea and the finished piece without the actual tactile experience in between. We'll see. To some extent, in my past life as a quilt artist, my designs were far more realized before construction started, but they always evolved during assembly. Always.

It may just be my own peculiar style of creativity. Feel the beads. Become the beads. Live down among the beads and let them tell you where they go.

I'm very pleased with the current piece in progress. We're at another exciting part...the entire piece is beaded, and the stiffening cardboard is glued to the ultrasuede base, and drying overnight. I have decided to put on the backing and finish the edges before attaching the fringe I think the piece needs. I've got the fringe designed, now I want to make sure it is even and hangs properly. This is a very good, salable piece, I think. I don't want to mess this up.

Then we'll string the necklace that suspends this embroidered pendant, and it will be done! It's been terribly inspired by The Art of Bead Embroidery by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini, two incredibly talented bead artists. I've taught myself the techniques out of this book, and I totally admire the authors.

I'm proud of the new piece, because although it's inspired by others, it's completely my own. It's turning out sophisticated, elegant and distinguished. Soon, pictures!

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