Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy Magnification, Batman!

For my birthday, I decided to get myself a new magnifying lamp. I'd been struggling along with a teeny, weak little $8 doohickey from Harbor Freight, and wondering if I should go back to the optha...optom...eye doctor and get her to prescribe special glasses for close-up work. $300 or more, what with the visit and all, plus all the inconvenience of having the wrong pair of glasses on all the time.

So instead, I hunted down this lovely thing. It's the kind of lamp used in medical and chemical laboratories. The magnifying lens is over 6" in diameter, clear, and sweet. The daylight-spectrum florescent bulb gives off almost no heat. It positions every which way with no need to loosen or tighten joints.

I got it off Amazon, so it cost less than you'd think, plus no tax and no shipping. Ahhh.

I had my clever son drill a hole in the wooden desktop instead of trying to clamp the lamp on, and boy oh boy I can see! I feel like the first time I got glasses when I was eight and realized that the entire world had sharp edges instead of fuzzy bits, and people weren't putting me on when they said there was something in the distance!

So. I'm very happy with my birthday purchase. The other one was a high-end leather cover for my Kindle. The old stiff cover is going to be bead-embroidered eventually, I'm sure this lamp will contribute substantially to the ease of my work. It's already made it easier to work on the piece in progress. Which you can see through the lens.

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