Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Newest Work in Progress

Some interim pictures of the ammonite pendant with bead embroidery.

The first one is before I added the fringe.  And a closer detail though that's a little fuzzy. 

The finishing of the pendant portion is good. Even though the back of the lining is lumpy, due to the thickness of the ammonite, it looks good. The brick-stitch edging came out well. I like the part where I varied the color of the edging beads to match on the upper part where it folds over to make the attachment. Sewing hat last edge down wasn't great, though. Too little space to work. Next time I'll have to give that more thought.

The fringe gave me some trouble. It took a couple of starts, after a few tryouts of fringe designing. I had to undo and redo at least twice before it began to please me. There's more to planning fringe than I thought.  The process of adding it, though, was pleasant. There's something zenlike about repetitive counting of beads. 

And here is the result. I'm quite pleased. Next there will be pics of the strung necklace with the beads seen in the first picture, lying next to the pendant. They are wonderful glass or agate beads (I forget which but will refer to my database to find out) and I mixed them with some tribal silver spiral beads that were just perfect. 

I'm waiting for the delivery of a necklace extender to finish the strung portion. Because I want the pendant to lie fairly high on the chest, I need to make it adjustable so people of different sizes can wear it. I ordered that last week, should be here soon. So keep watching. 

Next up, a variation on my amber and carnelian fringy necklace. 

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