Friday, May 14, 2010

This is Your Brain on Blogs

About a dozen times a day, I think, "hey that would be a really neat thing to blog about." And then I promptly forget what "that" was. Even when I try to impress it into my long-term memory. In fact, I seem to forget it more thoroughly then. Can't even recreate the circumstances under which I thought it. 

Honestly, sometimes I wonder what my neurons are doing up there. It's like they're plotting against me.  I may have to start carrying a notebook with me. Or chew a ragged fingernail and scratch the ideas into my arm.

So, cat update. She has an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and the vet gave us some medications for her. Luckily, with her penchant for inhaling her wet food on sight, we've been able to medicate her in the food, so no struggling with shoving liquid antibiotics down a cat. She's feeling much better already, and the sneezing is nearly gone. Last night we had a thundering cat again, where she flings herself about the house and makes little growly noises in her throat. She's hilarious. 

The first morning when we fed her the medicated food, she behaved as if we should have been feeding her in the morning all along. 11 months of night-time wet food only, and the first morning feeding is "oh yes, this is my due." No shock, no surprise. Sheesh. Cats.

I wasn't feeling so great myself. For some reason a couple of fillings on Wednesday knocked me for a loop. Perhaps it was being rigidly tense in the dental chair for an hour. Not good. Though the dentist is gentle and the pain was minimal, I was tense. I feel better now. 

Anne, my friend, got the commission piece today. She loves it. I'm so thrilled. I can do this, I think. The next piece will be even better. 

I got some books on micro-macramé that have some projects I'm going to try out. I've constructed a macramé board out of foamcore left over from making my photo box, and so I can set that up this weekend, I think. And I got a book from Amazon on shaped beadwork that is really intriguing. 


  1. Hello! Let me know if you run into any problems with your micro-macrame - I might be able to help you!
    Annika deGroot

  2. Thanks so much for the offer! I'll take you up on that If I get stuck. :)