Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teeny Little Knots

I got a chance to set up the micro-macramé this morning, and started in to practice my double half-hitches. 

I vaguely remember this, it being about mumblety-mumble years (okay decades) since I knotted.  Ahh, the 70s. And that was much bigger pieces, with much larger string.  Progress was faster, yet not so gratifying.

This time I'm using some lovely orange S-Lon.  Since I'm working in a much smaller size than those ancient days, the lengths of working strands are much shorter, which minimizes tangling and sitting there untangling unwanted knots. 

I also worked in some fuschia beads so I could try adding items to the weave. I can see that there are infinite variations here.  I'm going to have to try gluing the ends of the cord into pseudo-needles, though, I couldn't get even 11/0 beads on without a lot of licking of ends, and size 15s were out of the question.  I like teeny beads. 

The muscle memory is coming back. I glued the board together out of two pieces of foamcore left from making the light-tent, and may trim it a bit. Too large a board doesn't seem to pay. I'm not making plant hangers here!

As you might be able to see on the very fuzzy photo, the first rows are a bit shaky, but then I think I get the hang of the whole thing.  I'll need to practice my square knots, and half-squares and all those other neat ways to connect things together.  

What I found though, is that once I started, it was very hard to quit. I just wanted to keep going, row after row. Hmm. This could be a problem.  I think I may need more colors of cord. 

It is enjoyable to see the knots making a lovely pattern. Teeny little knots. 

And now I'm wondering why my spell-checker doesn't recognize the word "fuschia." 

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