Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sniffly Cat

Ever had a cat sneeze on you? They never cover their mouths!  Or even turn their heads. 

Then they snort to clear their noses. Ewww. Cat sneeze spray all over.

So my cat woke me up early Thursday morning sneezing on my feet, which happened to be on top of the covers. I considered a Saturday vet appointment, but she seemed bright and perky, eating fine and playing, all day Friday & Saturday. 

Yesterday, though, I can see she's not feeling herself. She's got some gunk in her eyes for the first time. 

How a totally indoor cat gets an upper respiratory infection, I don't know. But she's got one.

So the vet, this afternoon. Oh boy. Gotta get out my armor-plated gloves. I'll need them anyway for the inevitable "just give her this twice a day!" medication. 

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