Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Joining Things, Signing Up

Today I joined Technorati, a blog directory site, and Beaders Who Blog, a blog-ring. 

I did this mostly for the sake of my other life, as a publisher of my husband's books. The book has been out there, and sales have not been all we hoped. Actually, they haven't been anything we hoped.  I will admit I've let the marketing lapse a bit, in the press of other things, like life. Time to amend that.

So, I typed into Google, fount of all knowledge "how to publicize your book online" and one of the first links I visited suggested Techonrati. They have this concept called "Authority" which I think means a combination of how many people visit your blog, how many like it, and how many link to it.

So I signed up The Skeptical Juror, and while I was there, I thought, what the heck, I'm creating accounts hither and yon anyway, why not sign up BeadEnCounter too. Drive some more traffic to the site. Perhaps I'll get more hits! 

Then I was wandering about the net, and found the web-ring site for BWB. I signed up there too. Just the beads, this time. 

With both sites, it may be a few days until my blogs appear. I'll track and report on the huge upsurge of traffic we're anticipating. 

Oddly, there were few other useable suggestions on publicizing your book. We already do the website/blog thing. Oh yeah. Visiting other sites and making cogent comments, which just happen to include a link to our site? Done that. Didn't really turn out to create much of a buzz. Oh well, it says here, "keep trying." 

Release a press release? Ha! Among all the thousands of such things any outlet gets, how do you get attention, other than having it printed on incendiary paper that bursts into flame right after being read? 


  1. You should join Etsy! and what about Facebook - even if you only have a few items to sell, you can relist over and over(20 cents a pop) and get some attention. Lots and lots of bead artists there. And great photography! Then join a Beadweaving group on Etsy too. You could sell your tutorials, books,your BeadEncounters program - everything. I am there - takingshape.etsy.com :^)

  2. That's definitely on my list of things to do! --Lynn