Friday, May 21, 2010

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...

My cat likes to lick me. Mostly my hand or arm, if I pet her anywhere near her head and leave it there.

I don't know if she does this because she likes me, or because she is trying to correct what she considers faulty grooming, or if she's planning to eat me when I fall over dead and is just trying out the taste.

It's very odd being licked by a cat, if you just hold still and let them. Yes, their tongues are scratchy and ticklish, but what I find most interesting is the consistent pattern of the licks. She starts out in one spot, and then very methodically moves her head about half a tongue-width to one side, over and over. She manages to cover all available surface very quickly, missing nothing. If you turn your hand over, she'll do that side too.

And when she's done, she stops. I can almost hear her say, "There. Now it's right." 

Of course this is a very funny cat, anyway. She doesn't particularly enjoy being picked up and held, and I'm convinced she doesn't like it because when we put her down she's obliged to lick down every hair we've disturbed. Oddly vain, this cat. 

I'm going with the "correcting faulty grooming" theory, I guess. I clearly don't lick myself well enough to suit her.

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