Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why oh Why Must Vacation End?

This place is as close to a definition of heaven as it gets for me. Surf, rocky shoreline, coolish weather, wildlife and birds, surf, a modicum of rain, enough sun, many flowers, surf, very few bugs, nice people, surf, good places to eat, a world-class bead store, surf. Did I mention surf?

I love to watch the waves. To hear the sound throughout the day and when I wake at night. In this house, other than the wind and occasional rain and birdsong, that's about all you hear.  I can watch the sun cycle overhead, and the town lights across Mendocino Bay at night.  The house itself is both beautiful and comfortable, as much as any one we've rented before.

Monday we'll pack the car and head north to Arcata to visit a friend. After a night there we'll be wending our way back south. Somehow just today I feel like I'm truly on vacation. It's not enough!!

We talked about ways and means of moving up here for a month or two out of the year. With our work, we can do it remotely. This week proves that, actually. I haven't had a day yet, including today, when one client or another hasn't needed something.  John has been working as well, both on his book and for his client.

Gotta store up some more vacation memories before we have to leave.

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