Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seals and Surf

Just a quick little post to share some of the reasons MacKerricher Park is my Happy Place.

The surf is unpredictable but always mesmerizing. This site used to be a huge staging and loading area for logs floated down the coast. Right where these rocks are was a big pier where the lumber ships would tie up.  I can't imagine working in this environment. The wind is always strong and the currents are visibly turbulent.

This land was owned by the MacKerricher family and given to the state under very strict terms of use and opening it to the public. If the state screws up, the family gets the land back. I hope the state doesn't screw up. Having access to this piece of the coast is very nice. There are long boardwalks above the ground that work very well for wheelchairs, and large viewing platforms well-placed for looking at the waves and wildlife. The able-bodied can go down the cliffs at several places to frolic among the tide-pools. Watch for rogue waves!

There are ground squirrels all over the bluff edge. Dozens of them running, digging, sunning, standing about. They are fearless and unbothered by people and dogs, keeping a keen eye out for any food that might be offered. We don't feed them, as overpopulation driven by extra food isn't good for them.

There are plenty of birds and wide open meadows, as well as stands of spooky pines along the north edge of the peninsula leading out to the viewing platforms.

We took dozens of photos trying to get the seal activity going on in the water. At least 3 or 4 were gathered together, diving, swirling and frequently slapping their tails briskly on the water. Don't know what that was about, but it was entertaining to watch. To take pictures of, not so much, as the camera has a tiny delay that makes action photography difficult. On the other hand, pixels are cheap.

It was a beautiful day last Thursday when we visited.  We try to come out here at least once every trip. 

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