Friday, April 16, 2010

Very Short Post, Pictures to Follow

Yesterday ended with deer. In our front yard, about 20 feet from the living room window. Shortly after sunset, they came up over the bluff and grazed, 4 adults and two fawns just growing their adult coats. One of the adults was a buck with short antlers covered in velvet.  They could clearly see us in the living room, watching them. They watched us back, very carefully. In case we decided to do anything funny.  Those quiet brown eyes and big oval ears pointed straight at us, in between mouthfuls of grass.

Then they hopped over the fence into the field uphill (what an elegant economy of motion!) and proceeded on their deerly way.

During the day we met an online friend from the newsgroups alt.callahans and rec.arts.mystery, Vicki Jean. She lives in Fort Bragg now, and it was great to get to meet her in person. We all went to MacKerricher State Park for an hour or more of seals in the surf and sun. I know I've mentioned MacKerricher is my Happy Place. It certainly was yesterday.  The sky was cloudlessly blue, the waves clean and white, the seals and their pups lively and splashing about.  They looked happy. I felt happy. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I took a zillion pictures, none of which have made it into the computer yet. But mostly I just took it in, engraving it on my memory neurons for the future. 

Then Vicki showed us some of her cast-metal jewelry, one beautiful piece of which is now mine. I'll put up a picture of that later too. We went to lunch, and then parted ways with a hug. 

It was a fine day all the way around, and the deer were a fitting ending. 

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