Sunday, April 11, 2010

Never Again, or Every Chance We Get

Never again will I stay in a Wyndham hotel. The one in San Jose has poisoned the world-wide well on that one. I filled every line on a perky little "how are we doing?" comment card with things we found wrong (things that even the most basic Motel 6 gets right) and could have filled two more.

Crappy, that's how they were doing. Tried to charge us $9.95 to use the internet. I ask you. The darn hotel has 400+ rooms. Do the math.

Every chance I get, I will visit The Garage in San Jose. It's a little brick garage behind a 7-11, converted to a restaurant, run by young, smart and enthusiastic people who love and respect food. We had flat-iron steaks, roasted brussels sprouts, and mac&cheese, and then we had the bread pudding they must serve in Heaven. Some day I'm going to go there and order nothing but 5 or 6 orders of that bread pudding. Serially, so they're each warm when I get them.

Now, I'm in Mendocino, about to lie on my bed overlooking the ocean, and take a nap. Later, pictures and more details.

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