Monday, March 29, 2010

Studio, Artspace, A Big Fat Lot of Work

When the kids move out, it's time to repurpose their former space. Last year, my husband's daughter decided to go live with her mother in NC, so we have her room to claim for an artspace.

We had a job just to clean it out after she left. Not a good packer, that kid. That got done, 94 garbage bags later. Slowly since then we've been working on it. Tore up the carpeting. Scraped off the popcorn ceiling (thank you, 1970s). Ripped down the awful florescent light. The 1970s have a lot to answer for, actually.

Painted the ceiling and half the walls. Yesterday I went to Liquid Lumberdators and ordered a lovely cork flooring that my husband & son can install, hopefully without too much fuss.

The intention is that this room will serve as a glass studio, a photography area, and overflow storage for my beading. It's got lovely large windows, which are very dirty at the present.  There's also a bed we'll be saving for guests. My kiln will be installed (with appropriate fireproofing), and I may or may not acquire a microwave kiln and a cheapo microwave with which to use it.

I think I'll still work on my beading in the living room, though. It's a comfy place where I can listen to TV over my shoulder and commit snarky comments as necessary to my husband.

More later on storage and workspace systems that seem to be working for me.  Once you have more than two beads, storage becomes an issue.

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