Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stepping Off The Deep End

Okay, this is a really bad picture. More and better images will follow.

This is my first bead embroidery piece, finished in time for Christmas. The beaded braid is kumihimo, the cabochons are yellow turquoise, and although it looks quite Christmasy, it was actually built about the chili peppers. Love those chilis! There are some other turquoise beads, most of the rest are glass and seed beads.

It was perhaps a tiny bit ambitious for my learning piece in this technique. But I love it, and I did learn a lot!

I beaded on Lacy's Stiff Stuff and backed it with Ultrasuede.

This piece inspired a friend to commission a second, similar but not identical piece. For hers, I added a whole lot more colors, with amethyst, onyx, chrysocolla, jade, etc. So it's less seasonal and more versatile. I also slimmed down the silhouette, as my friend is far more petite than I am.   I'll upload images of that soon.

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