Friday, March 19, 2010

Struggles With The Camera

It's not as easy as it seems. I need to dig up a manual, to figure out how to manage my flash. I know there's a way to turn it off.

So that's the primary problem with the pictures here. But it's my work.

1. A necklace that ended up going to my mom for Christmas. I found the main fish bead in Arizona about 8 years ago. The rest was mostly collected recently.  Don't ask my why it looks like I photographed it on a paper bag. It was handy, okay?

The large gold beads are actually gold over ceramic. They're nice and heavy, and don't look too different than gold over base metal.  I like the look of the many strands going into one, but am still working out the connecting techniques and how to string those multi-strands without getting into trouble when collecting them all together. This is the downside of learning by one-self or from books or printed online instructions.

The fish actually has a face on the other side. I can't believe I photographed the ass-end of the fish! Other beads here include peridot, citrine, malachite, amethyst, and various furnace glass.

2. This next pic is a necklace I made for my sister. A while ago, she lost the contents of her jewelry box in a home robbery. That included her precious ruby necklace and earrings. So I found some ruby beads (not first-quality, of course, but genuine ruby) and combined them with a kumihimo braid with silver seed beads and some purply seed beads, and sterling beads.

Rubies are our gemstone, since we're both born in July. I'm glad I was able to replace them.

Then she was robbed again! This time they took the earrings I had made for her to match this, but somehow missed this necklace. I have a few ruby beads left, and will replace the earrings for her. Thankfully, she now lives in a much safer neighborhood. No more robberies, please!

3. One more for today. I have to go earn some money. This one I finished last night. Not a great photo, but the colors are bright, and I had a lot of fun with the netting, which I haven't had a chance to play with much.

This has orange stone beads, some vintage purple Lucite, blue onyx (is there such a thing, really?), little coral dumb-bell shapes I  just love, and carnelian. The rest is glass. Oddly, when I quilted I collected almost all bright colors in fabrics. I found myself a bit stretched to find bright beads in my collection to build this one.

As I get better pics for pieces I still have, I'll replace these photos.

That's it. Comments are welcome.

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