Monday, November 8, 2010

Netted Rope Craziness

Kate Tracton has started something here with her instructions (see previous post), for netted rope.  I've got at least two commenters who are going to start using the technique, and yesterday and today, I put together a bracelet. I hope to list it on Etsy soon but apparently I selected The Most Difficult Beads In the Universe to Photograph.

The bracelet is done with 6mm hematite, crystal iridescent 15/0s and transparent red-pop colored 11/0s.  I do not know how in the world to get a good photo of these things. They create, even to the eye, a kind of shimmery surface that moves and glows.  I can't get a good focus, nor a good shot of the real colors of the beads.  These three photos are my best efforts today. 

The bracelet is about 8 inches long, about half an inch wide, and has a magnetic clasp hidden in the join. This clasp is pretty smoothly integrated, it fits really well inside the netted beadwork.

I narrowed each end of the bracelet with 4mm hematite beads for a couple of rows, because I wanted the clasp to integrate and also because I ran short on the 6mm beads, and it wasn't quite long enough. It still isn't long enough for me to wear, as I need larger jewelry.

Photography difficulties aside, the bracelet is lovely in person. I'll be working on more and more in this technique because not only is it easy, the appearance of the finished product can be widely varied.


  1. You did a fabulous job with this bracelet! Congratulations.

    I understand the difficulty with photographing hematite. I imagine the light was bouncing around those stones like crazy!


  2. Adding my thanks to Kate for the easy instructions for the netted rope. I have seen the ropes and wondered exactly how they were made and was thrilled to find it so simple and hope to try many variations. Your hematite looks fantastic in that technique!