Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grumpy, with a Side of Ah-Choo!

That's right. I have a cold. I suspect one of my colleagues at a meeting last Friday, with a virus, in the meeting room.  Clue for the Clueless.

Okay, so I'm rambling. My medical history prevents me from taking a lot of medications, so I'm doomed (doomed, I tell you!) to sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head etc. for a few days.  

I feel so generally yucky I haven't even been beading much. I did finish my Cellini spiral necklace, which looks wonderful, with a beaded clasp. My first beaded clasp.

The good news is the camera, out for repairs, should be back by Friday. And it should be relatively simple now to get pictures to come out how I want them to, rather than randomly exploding into pink smeary messes. So, I promise pics of the necklace then.  I'm very enthusiastic about the beaded clasp as well. Now, if I don't have the findings I can make my own!

I also got some Xmas ornaments and was working on a beaded cover before I was so cruelly felled by the virus. It's going to include some of my favorite hot chili pepper beads like these, in two sizes.  It's kind of fun to work on a new form of beading. I'm learning things about spherical forms as I go. 

Now, I suspect that though I've slept about 30 hours out of the last 36, it's time for another nap. Liquids and rest, isn't that the prescription? Nobody says anything about having to run to the bathroom after all those liquids,'s like novels where people leap out of bed and run into battle without ever having to pee. Or brush their teeth. Really? 

Now I'm just posting nonsense. Really, Lynn, get to bed!

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