Monday, September 6, 2010

Even More Spiraly-er

Okay, that's not a word. But the Cellini spiral inspired (inspiraled?) me.  So I did another, varying the sizes of the beads.  I started with the 15/0s as usual, but instead of the largest series being 11/8/11, I made them 8/6/8. 

This results in a larger diameter spiral, with deeper inner radius. (these terms are probably not correct, but looking at the picture should clarify)  The width of the spiral is larger, and it's slightly less flexible than the thinner spiral.  

This one is done in silver seed beads with two sizes of glorious teal blue, one a teeny delica, the other a size 8/0. There are some silver-lined crystal 11/0s in there too. The magnetic catch is mostly hidden inside the spiral.  Since the diameter is wider, it probably will fit a smaller wrist, about 7", best.  It ended up with not as much room inside. That was unexpected when I began. 

This spiral has endless possibilities. I've picked out three more combos of beads to try, varying sizes, varying colors, just to see what I can make happen. Each one takes about 5 hours for a bracelet, I may do a necklace as well.  These are projects to take on my upcoming trip, along with the previously described embroidery project. I hope to have lots of time to bead while looking at the ocean. 

This spiral and the previous one are going up on Etsy, just to see what happens.

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