Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cellini Spiral, Easy, Fun, and Finished!

This one finished up quickly, I really enjoyed the technique.  This is the Cellini spiral I started two days ago. Picture is in the previous post.

Given my usual inability to follow instructions exactly or follow one single pattern from one end to another, I experimented in the middle with a color change. Only the large size 8/0 bead forming the spine of the spiral stayed the same, I changed out the red and blue 15/0s for gold  and purple, and the blue surrounding the spine beads with amber and opalized light green. The color change is beautiful. 

I worked it in slowly, first changing the small beads, working at least four rounds with a new color before changing the next in the sequence. The gold/green beads were not 11/0 cylinders, so the spiral wasn't quite as tight in twisting configuration, but it still looks good.

I decreased at the end of the spiral, then went back to the start, and worked a decrease there using the tail of the starting thread. I attached a gold-filled magnetic clasp, using beading wire and crimp beads, but it didn't look very professional, so I got out the needle again and worked a small peyote tube over the connection between the spiral and the clasp on each end, with matching colors. Now I like the way it looks. It's all solid and well fastened, and ended up exactly 8" long, so it will fit a 7.5" wrist perfectly. 

I think it's destined for Etsy soon. I need to get some pieces up there that don't cost as much, and it's certainly beautiful. I think I need to make a slightly longer bracelet for myself. 

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