Friday, June 3, 2011

Software Beta, Marketing Push Begins

Getting a new software product to launch is no task for sissies. It's not enough to build the darn thing, you have to test it too.  Don't want to pull a MicroSoft and let the customers be the beta testers by releasing buggy software.

So, I'm looking for beta testers for BeadEnCounter. I already have two volunteers, but I think I need a few more. If you're interested in testing the new software, designed to help organize and produce cost figures on your beaded pieces, please contact me at  A beta tester will have to spend several hours working with the program, and then provide comprehensive feedback on any faults or bugs they find. Did I mention that those who participate and contribute get a free copy of the shipping software when it's ready?

The program is going to run natively on both Mac & Windows, no emulators necessary. That's a big difference from any other software I've been able to find out there. It tracks beads, findings and any other material you use, lets you upload pictures of your work and post directly to Facebook and a blog right from the program. 

It also keeps a list of your seed beads, for those of you like me who keep buying the same sizes and colors over and over. BeadEnCounter grew out of my own needs for organization and profitability (not that I've sold much, but darn I know to the penny how much each piece cost me!) in my beading.  I'm not aware of any other beading/crafting software that keeps track of seed beads.

This blog/website is going to be revamped a bit. The main website will be mutating into a sales site for the program. It will have support areas and FAQ, features, screenshots, and a way to purchase online.  The blog will be moving (don't worry, there will be plenty of warning) to a slightly different URL, and may become a bit more involved with software development and selling than beading for a bit, but don't worry, I'm not going to stop beading or stop showing my work.

The ad you see will be appearing in Bead & Button and BeadStyle magazines for six months starting in September, so that's a hard deadline for having the program ready, Freddy.  It costs the moon for the ad, but I hope it will be worth it.

I've also started a Facebook page for the program. Until I get the new site designed and up, check there for screenshots and feature lists over the next few days. I'll be premiering much of my website content there, so comments are always welcome.

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